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Related post: Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 11:21:14 -0500 From: David Macguire Subject: Paying My Debt - Part 3This story contains man on man sex. If you are offended by it or if it is illegal for you to read or possess such material, you should leave. This story also contains unprotected, anonymous sex. This is an extremely unwise activity to participate in and you should always use protection. After Ben and I had finished drying off after the shower, I followed him through the rush of steam that greeted us as he opened the door to the hall."Shit, your clothes are still in the washer," Ben said. "I'll go throw them in the dryer.""Oh, thanks," I replied, watching him turn and walk towards the back of the house.I stood there alone for a moment, my skin prickling as my body quickly cooled after the hot shower. Not knowing what else to do, I turned and began to walk towards the living room.As I walked, I thought about what had happened since I had arrived. I had nervously made my way down this same hall, scared, hung-over and hiding behind a towel just 12 hours before. Then, I had not known what to expect and had feared what awaited me at the end of the hall; now, I walked down the hall naked, my cock swinging and my ass stinging after being bred twice by the stud that had terrified me the night before.I walked into the living room and saw the pile of clothes that had been forgotten by one of the recliners. I walked over and picked up pthc paysite cp the green shirt Ben had worn the night before. I pressed it to my face and inhaled, savoring the scent of sweat and cologne that for free pthc pics still lingered. Then I picked up his pants and boxers and brought them to my face. The dank, masculine smell that emanated from the boxers was intoxicating and I felt a jolt at the head of my cock. As I was taking a second deep breath, I jumped as Ben's voice boomed behind me."You dirty little fucker. I just fucked you ten minutes ago and now you're sniffing my boxers?"I turned and dropped my arms to my sides. "Sorry," I muttered, feeling a blush begin to rise in my face.Ben smiled. pthc cgi image board "Guess I really got to ya, huh?"I smiled as dark angle pthc he guestbook pthc rompl dorki sauntered over to me. He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on my lips as he took his clothes from my hands."I better throw these in the laundry before you get too worked up again," he chuckled.I fell back into the recliner and gazed at him as he walked away, mesmerized by his round ass and the slight glimpse of his sac swinging between his legs. When he had disappeared around the corner, I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes, savoring everything that had happened.When Ben returned, he sat in the recliner opposite of me. He reclined some and wrapped his arms around the back of the chair as he let his legs swing open. His heavy balls rested on the cushioning while his cock lay flaccid against his thigh."Your clothes should be ready in about 15 minutes. I can give you a ride to your place when you're ready to go," he pthc rar download said."Kicking me out already?" I replied."Naw. You can stay if you want, but I'll be gone for a while this evening. And I don't know if russian pthc cp underage you had to be somewhere or what.""It's fine. I've got to go to pthc hash work tomorrow and I have some stuff that I needed to do this weekend around the house.""Where do you work?" Ben asked."At a place downtown. Just office work, it's not too exciting. How about you?""I've been doing some construction work since I got back from overseas, nothing permanent yet. I gotta figure what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.""Ya, tell me about pthc pic gallery it," I sighed.We chatted for a few more minutes until a buzzer sounded down the hall. Ben rose from his chair and I quickly followed. I walked behind him down the hall to a small room that held a washer and dryer and a water heater. Light poured in through a door that must have led to a back yard.I stayed back in the doorway as Ben went to the dryer and opened the door. When he bent down to reach in and grab my clothes, I got my first full sight of his hairy asshole as his cheeks separated. I briefly imagined myself burying my face between his hairy mounds and getting a taste, but my thoughts vanished as he turned to me and handed me a ball of clothing."Here you go," he said.I drew my boxers from the ball pthc romp of warm clothing. I bent down to slip my underwear on and then continued to dress as Ben moved some clothes from the washer to the dryer. I turned and went to the bathroom to finish getting ready. When I walked out, Ben was standing at the other end of the hall, now dressed."I don't have any socks or shoes," I said, as I walked down the hall towards him."Oh yeah, I forgot," he replied. "Here, try on these boots." He reached down and grabbed the pair of boots sitting against the wall and then handed them to me. I could immediately tell that they were too big for my feet, but I pthc vicky pics set them on the ground and slipped my feet into them."Close enough," I said."Alright, let's go," Ben said, opening the door and stepping out.I stepped out into the sunlight and shut the door behind me. Ben walked to the truck as I followed, clomping clumsily in his massive boots.I slid myself into the passenger seat, trying my best to ignore the damp spot on the floor below me. Ben started the truck and I told him where to go. As we made pthc tanya our way towards my apartment, we chatted some more about what we did. Ben had been in the marines and had been overseas for a few years. He had gotten back almost three months prior and had pthc pussy fucked pictures decided to more here because two of his buddies were living in town. He had decided not to make a career of the military and was now trying to figure what to do beyond the construction work he did now.As we pulled up to the front of my apartment building, I sighed."This is me," I said."Nice building," Ben said, looking up at it through the windshield."Ya, it's nice, but minimodel pthc too fucking expensive.""I know the feeling. I'm getting robbed blind on my house, those fuckers."I chuckled nervously and then fell silent. After a moment of awkward silence, Ben leaned over and slid his hand into my pocket."Hey, not here," I said, grinning."Calm down, I'm just getting your phone."He pulled the phone from my pocket pthc mixman at started to type something in. When he was finished, he pthc r@ygold babyshivid handed it back to me. I looked and saw that he had added himself to my contacts list. I pressed call and waited a second until his phone started ringing."What, you didn't trust me?" he asked, grinning."Well, I don't want to lose out on you." I replied."Believe me, I'm not going to give up an ass that nice," he said. kids pthc sex tgp We chuckled for a moment and then fell into another awkward silence. Finally, I leaned over and kissed him on the lips and was relieved when he returned it, wrapping his hand around my head. We laura pthc eventually broke apart, and I reluctantly unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door."So, you want me to come over tomorrow, after work?" I asked, hopefully."Fuck ya. Why the hell wouldn't I? Gotta make sure you pay off the interest.""Hey, I paid up plenty last night. The rest is all bonus.""Fine, fine," Ben conceded. "Call me tomorrow when you want to come over.""Sounds good," I said. "Talk to you later.""Bye," Ben said as I closed the door.I watched as he drove off in his truck, and turned when he finally disappeared. As I made my way up to my apartment, I replayed everything that had happened over and over in my mind. How had I gotten so fucking lucky, I wondered. Throughout mother daughter pthc the next day at work, I had to continually readjust myself while I was sitting. My ass was still raw and I could feel the last remnants of Ben leak out of me sporadically until midday. I ate lunch in my cubicle both to avoid moving as much as possible as bbs pthc pics photo well as to hide the solid bulge that had been in my pants all day.By the time I left work, my mind was hazy with lust. I got in my car and set my GPS to the address Ben had programmed into my phone. I dialed his number while I pulled out of the russian teen pthc parking garage and followed the voice of the GPS while I listened to the phone ring. When the line finally clicked, I was greeted with the mechanical voice of Ben's voicemail and then a short beep."Hey, I guess you're probably still at work. I was going to just head over to your house if that's okay. I can fix us some dinner if you want. I can't wait to see you tonight. Call me when you can."I flipped my phone shut and continued driving. My cock was sore from being confined all day and I could feel it get harder as I made my way pthc free boy to Ben's house. I took a hand off the steering wheel and gave the end of my cock a firm squeeze and then shivered as I felt it convulse. I kept my hand there, massaging myself until I finally arrived at Ben's place. I climbed out of my car and made my way as use hello bbs pthc quickly as I could to the front door. I unlocked it and slipped inside.I took off my shoes and kicked them over to the wall. As I took a few more steps into the house, I untucked my shirt and unbuckled and unbuttoned my pants. free videos sex pthc My cock shifted and some of the pain from its straining subsided.I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. I inspected what was inside and then poked around the kitchen until I had an idea of what I could make for dinner. I grabbed everything I needed and started prepping. As I was finishing chopping some potatoes, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I wiped my hands off on a towel and then fished it out of my pocket."Hello?" I said."Hey, you pthc babyj rapid at my house?" Ben's voice asked."Yep, just getting supper started. You like-," I started."I'll be there in twenty pthc vicky videos nude minutes," Ben said, cutting me off."Are you okay?" I asked, noting the edge to his voice."I just got fucking fired!" Ben yelled through the phone. "The prick just fired all of us! Fucking shitbag just...FUCK!"I paused, listening to Ben's heavy breathing. Finally, I said, "We can talk when you get here if you want.""Whatever. Fucking shit...," he trailed."You sure you're okay?" I asked, hesitantly. "You want me to leave?"After a short pause, Ben said "No. I need something to look forward to tonight. You stay right where you are.""That sounds better," I said."I'll be there soon," he said, and then hung up before I could answer.I went back to cooking, thinking about what I'd just learned. I knew how bad it was to lose a job and I could only imagine what it would be like to lose one now. As I was throwing the last few things into a baking dish, I decided what I small pthc girls was going to do. I slid the dish into the oven and then walked to the hall.When Ben pulled into the driveway, I was already undressed. I heard him slam his truck door and then a cp pthc loslave pink few seconds later step up to the front door. The door swung open and pthc cp toplist Ben stomped in, slamming the door behind him. He stood for a moment until he noticed me standing a foot away, naked.Before he could move, I stepped forward and sank down to my knees. Ben's hard mouth cracked a small smile as he felt my fingers creep pthc guesrbook behind the waist of his jeans. I ran them to the front, where I pulled them out and used them to unbuckle his belt. When his belt was hanging loose, I moved my hands to the buttons and fly of his pthc rompl kds jeans. I worked the button loose as he lifted his shirt over his head and flung it down the hall. I pulled down the zipper on his jeans and then yanked them down until they were below his knees.He was wearing a pair of grey briefs that did a pathetic job of hiding the piece of meat below. I pressed my mouth into the fabric and let out a slow, warm breath. His cock twitched in response, so I wrapped my mouth around part of his girth and breathed out again, this time using my tongue to massage his cock though the soft fabric."Oh fuck, this is exactly what I need," Ben sighed as he leaned back against the door. He put one of his hands on the back of my head and used it to keep my mouth pressed against his crotch. He pushed my head from side to side, making sure I didn't miss any of his length. Finally, I pulled my head back and reached my hands up to the band of his underwear and began to pry them down to join his jeans.Ben's cock fell from its confines and his heavy sac tumbled out afterwards as I worked the pthc free gallery porno underwear down around his thick thighs. His cock wasn't fully erect yet, but it continued stiffening icq pthc even as I watched. I could see it bounce and grow with his heartbeat as it started to point right at my face. I took this as my cue and opened my mouth and leaned forward.I thrust my head forward and swallowed Ben's cock, tasting the day's worth of sweat and musk on my tongue. When my lips were wrapped around the base of his cock, Ben shuddered and thrust his hips forward, forcing his cock as deep as it could go. He clamped both hands on each side of my head and held himself there as his cock continued to swell in my throat. I pthc site finder tried mummy pthc to swallow but he was too large now and I only managed to pthc little girls make a coughing sound."Fuck ya, swallow that cock slut. Shit, you like having a man's cock down your throat, huh?"I nodded and tried to breath, but Ben's cock was now solid and still lodged in my throat. I tried to pull back, but Ben shoved my head harder into his crotch as he thrust forward again."You're not getting away that easy, fucker. I want you to fucking choke on this cock. I want you to know who's the fucking boss around here."I nodded again and put my hands on his thighs and tried to push away, but he still held firm. My throat was convulsing around his shaft as he shoved me further into his crotch until my nose was pressed pthc thumbnails sideways against him. My pushing became more frantic as I felt drool start to run out around his shaft and down my chin. He flexed his cock and then mercifully released me.I pulled my head back quickly, allowing his cock newyork pthc to slide across my tongue and out of my mouth as I inhaled. I sat back on my ankles and panted as Ben stood back up straight. His cock was glistening along its entire length from the thick saliva coating it. The hair around the base of his cock and the front of his balls was dark and flat from the drool that had leaked from my mouth. Ben took a step forward and brought the bright red head to my mouth."Give me sec-" was all I managed to say before he shoved himself back inside me. This time he didn't stay still, but instead gave a quick succession of thrusts that left my eyes watering and my chin covered in drool. When he withdrew this time, I sputtered and gagged as my throat attempted to recover from pthc cp kiddyporn the assault."Jesus," I managed to say when I had recovered somewhat. "Don't be so rough."Ben grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back so that I was gazing up at his face. Through my watery eyes, I could see Ben give a fiendish smirk down at me."You know how this works by now, you little cocksucker." He reached down and wrapped his other hand around his cock. "This is all you need to worry about."He brought the head back to my mouth, but I couldn't take another assault so soon. I twisted my head to the side, feeling the wetness covering his cock smear across my cheek. Ben who is vicky pthc tightened his grip on my hair and twisted. The pain caused me to turn my head back towards him."Open your mouth you little slut and swallow," Ben growled, pressing himself against my lips. "Don't kid yourself; you need this as much as I do."Driven by the lust I had been under the influence of all day and the stiffness between my legs, I unclenched my jaw and let Ben shove himself though my lips and back into my mouth."Ya," Ben moaned as watched his cock disappear. He loosened the grip on my hair and slid the hand to the back of my head. I grabbed one of Ben's solid ass cheeks in each hand and pulled him further pthc sex gallery into me as he started to push on my head. Once again, I found myself pressed against his crotch with his massive cock down my throat and his bloated balls on my russian l pthc chin. I could feel the heat radiating from his sac as Ben's load built up in anticipation of release.Ben held himself down my throat again for longer than I was comfortable and only pulled out slightly after my fingernail had dug into his asscheek. I sucked in a quick breath and then was forced to hold it as Ben's cock moved forward again to block my throat. I tried to swallow some of the excess saliva that had been building up in my mouth, but Ben's girth only allowed a small amount to trickle down; the rest began to leak out between my lips as my mouth continued to water."Fuck your throat is so tight. You were made to swallow a man's cock, weren't ya?" Ben said, leering down at me. "Got a big load to put down your throat. You hungry?"I moved my tongue around his veiny shaft in response. bbs ws bbs pthc Ben pulled his hips back, removing his cock from my throat. As the tip traveled over my tongue, his slit left a thick trail of precum behind. child sex pthc He pthc toplist bulshit stopped before he was completely out and paused. I locked my lips around his cockhead and sucked, coaxing out more of the thick fluid as his dick twitched.As I started to swallow, Ben shoved himself forward again until his balls slapped against my chin. Before I could react, he was already pulling back out, only to rebury himself again a moment later. I quickly figured out his rhythm and timed my breathing around his thrusts, though Ben would occasionally hold himself in to the hilt, pushing me harder into his crotch as he tried to force his cock even deeper.With every withdrawal, Ben's cock pthc girl pic would bring with it a thick mixture of spit and precum that would run down my chin and either drip off in gobs onto my chest and cock or smear onto Ben's nuts as they slapped my chin during reentry. My throat was raw and burning from the repeated slamming it was enduring and my lungs ached as I tried to snatch enough air to breathe."Goddamn boy, you're fucking getting me close. You want to taste me? Huh? You wanna fucking drink my load?"Tears began to stream down my face as I clenched my eyes shut while Ben's thrusts became more savage and chaotic. Pain began to shoot up my throat as the cock slamming into seemed to be getting thicker and harder. Waves of drool escaped my mouth as Ben's dick plowed back and forth. My ears were crushed beneath the force of Ben's hands gripping my head as he held me steady."Oh fuck, man. Fucking gonna blow. Eat it, bitch. Eat it," Ben said. He dropped his head back and began to moan as he slammed his crotch into my face.The force of the final thrust caused my head to smash against Ben's stomach. I could feel the shaft in my mouth swell as the sac nn pthc on my chin rose and contracted. I felt the cock in my mouth throb as the first gush of cum was forced along its length. It burst from the engorged cockhead and ran down my throat, leaving warmth behind as it descended.Quickly, Ben's cock pulsed again and I felt a second shot of semen spurt into my throat so deep I didn't need to swallow. A third and fourth wad of cum followed in quick succession, running thickly down my throat to my stomach.Ben pulled back slightly as his cock let loose another gob of cum. This time some of it landed on my tongue and I got my first true taste of Ben. The powerful flavor only lingered a moment before it was shoved down my throat along with the rest of Ben's cock.With every subsequent wave of his orgasm, Ben would bury himself completely, depositing his load helena pthc as pthc mother boy board deep as he could. When his orgasm began to subside, Ben loosened his grip on my head. I pulled my pthc chan head back to let his cock rest on bbs forum kds pthc my tongue. His slit was still oozing cum, and when I ran my tongue over the slimy skin of his cockhead, Ben's body convulsed and his cock contracted, letting loose a weak spurt of cum directly onto my eager taste buds. I brought one of my hands around from Ben's ass and started to grope his nutsac, milking the last remnants of spunk from them.I took the opportunity to finally savor the taste of Ben's seed. The faint essence that I had tasted on his cock the day before was now overwhelming. The pthc file download taste reminded me of Ben's scent after we'd fucked yesterday: musky, manly, and powerful. I let his load linger in my mouth for a few seconds, using it to continue massaging Ben's cock to get every last drop.When I finally swallowed the last of Ben's cum, he pulled himself from my mouth completely. I sat back again on my legs and wiped my mouth and chin with my arm. Ben's heavy cock now drooped a few inches in front of me, covered in a thick coating of spit and cum. The veins along its length were still standing out prominently as it continued to deflate.I raised my head and looked up at his massive frame looming above me. His chest and stomach rose and fell as he caught his breath. The veins in his arms and neck still stood out from the exertion and adrenaline and his eyes were closed as he savored the last remnants of his orgasm. His jaw was hanging slackly until he finally opened his eyes, when it then broke pthc c into the sly grin I was used to."Fuck, that was awesome. You like the taste of me, huh? r gold pthc That turn you on, getting a man's load down your throat? Shit, look at your cock."As he said this, he raised one of his booted feet and ran it up the length of my cock. I shuddered and pedo pthc links looked down; my cock was rock pthc bbs gate hard and standing pthc hussyfan pthc straight up, slick with my precum. As his boot reached the head of my dick, I felt another shudder run through me and a large gob of oozed out and ran down my cock."You're really fucking worked up, aren't ya? Think you can save that load for later? I want to fuck another load out of you. That sound good?""Fuck yes," I replied."Go clean yourself up so we can eat," Ben said, nodding at my face.I stood up and winced at how sore I was. My legs and knees were burning from kneeling and bracing myself for the last fifteen minutes; my cock and balls were throbbing and begging for some release; and my throat was sore and stretched from the brutal assault I had just withstood. I turned and walked down the hall to the bathroom and entered.When I looked in the mirror, I almost laughed at how bad I looked. My hair was a mess, with chunks sticking out in every direction after Ben had used it to control me. My eyes were red and puffy and there were streaks leading down my cheeks where tears had traveled. My mouth looked ravaged, and when define pthc I leaned over and opened my mouth to the mirror, st petersburg pthc my throat was bright, deep red. I swallowed and felt my throat burn.I grabbed a towel and wetted it in the sink. I wiped around my chin and down my chest, cleaning off the now cool mix of spit and precum. When I was satisfied with how I looked, I left the bathroom and made my way back to the kitchen. When I entered, I found Ben, still naked, looking in the oven."Smells good. When'll it be ready?""Should be good now," I replied, walking over to the counter and grabbing the pair of oven mitts laying there. I moved over to the oven and nudged Ben out of the way so I could open it.As I doled out portions onto plates, Ben went to the fridge and grabbed out two beers. He brought them to the table as I set the plates down on the table. We took our places at opposite sides and sat there for a moment, just looking at each other before we both smiled. We then each grabbed utensils and began to eat.We stayed silent throughout most of the meal. For me, it was a relief, since every swallow and breath caused my raw and tender throat to burn. It wasn't until Ben asked me how my day had been that the silence was broken."Okay. Honestly, rcp pthc ru I didn't get much done at work today. I was so horny thinking about yesterday that I pretty much had a hard on the entire time. I couldn't wait to get here."Ben chuckled and said, "Me too. Well, until that asshole... Fuck!"The table shook when Ben's fist slammed into rompl pthc board innocent it. I looked at him, baby j pthc seeing his face darken as he looked down at the table."Ya, what happened today? Why'd they fire you?" I asked."Fuck if I know! The foreman just came down out of his trailer and told us not to bother showing up tomorrow. Didn't give us any fucking notice pthc r video ygold or anything!""God, that's shitty. I'm sorry," I said. "Are you going to be alright without a job?""For awhile, ya, I guess. Still have some money coming in from my service, but it won't last forever. tgp angels pthc bbs And I'm not gonna fucking find a job now. No one's hiring.""Tell me about it. They just laid off 40 people in my office."Ben didn't reply, but just looked back down at the table. After a few moments, he grabbed his bottle of beer and chugged the rest new tori pthc of it down. I wasn't sure what to say, so I just watched as he got up from the table and went to grab a second beer from the fridge. He popped the cap on the counter and pthc nn bbs started gulping it down right there; I watched as his Adam's apple bobbed up and down with each swallow.When he'd downed the second bottle, he set it on sven's list pthc nude the counter and looked over at me. After a few seconds, he belched loudly."I'm going to go out for a run," he said, when the echo of his burp dissipated. "I'll be back in a half hour.""Okay, have fun. I'll be here waiting," I said, turning back to my plate.Ben walked out of the kitchen. I could hear him moving throughout the house for a few minutes until he was back at the front door, now wearing a grey tank top and black running shorts. He slipped on a pair of shoes he got from the closet and then left.I finished my meal and began cleaning up the kitchen. When I had started the dishwasher and finished putting the leftovers away, I walked over to my clothes that panties pthc were in the corner of the kitchen. I fished out my phone and walked to the living room, where I plopped down into one of the chairs.I sat there for awhile, checking and answering emails from work, until I heard a muffled whacking sound outside. I stood up and listened for where it was coming from. As I walked into the entryway, I realized that it was coming from the back of the house. I made my way to the laundry room and peered out the back door.Outside was a cement patio with an awning overhead. In one corner was a large weight bench with a rack of weights sitting behind it. In the other corner was a large red punching bag that was swinging and spinning in response to the violent punches Ben was giving it.I opened the door and stepped out onto the patio. pthc bbs links "Wow, you really hate that thing," I said jokingly.Ben grunted in response as he spanish pthc cp pics continued jabbing at the bag. He had taken of his shirt and shoes at some point during his sparring. The muscles in his arms coiled and stretched with every blow and sweat was sent flying with every impact. His face was red as he concentrated on beating the swinging target in front of him. I watched him for a few more minutes until he stopped punching and walked to the weight bench.When Ben had settled on the bench, he did a quick set of lifts until the muscles in his arms and torso were bulging and red. He then sat up on clips pthc the bench, panting with exertion. His face had a hard edge to it as pthc guest book the sweat ran through his bristly hair and down his head. The workout had obviously done little to calm his mood. When he stood, his frame looked larger and more intimidating that usual. Veins were bulging all over his body and the hair on his chest and stomach was matted with perspiration.I was still staring, mesmerized by the sight of pure masculinity and virility before me, when Ben started to walk towards me. I snapped out of my trance at once when Ben grabbed me roughly by the arm and twisted me around."I'm gonna fucking destroy your ass tonight, bitch," he growled in my ear."You did a pretty good job of that last time," I teased."You haven't seen anything yet, you fucking faggot. I'm gonna tear you apart." As he said this, he twisted my arm harder and began to march me through the door. I yelped and tried to pry my arm away, but he held it tight behind me."Fuck, that hurts! Stop it!" I complained."Shut up, slut," he replied.When we reached his bedroom, he shoved me so that I fell on the bed. I twisted around so I could see what Ben was doing, and I watched as he hooked his thumbs behind the waistline of his shorts and peeled them off in one smooth motion.I crawled forward on the bed a few inches as he approached the edge of the mattress. I felt the bed shift as he climbed onto it and I looked back again. He positioned himself right behind me and leaned into me so that I could feel his package on my ass. He reached a hand out and placed it on the back of my head and fingered pthc russian pushed pthc pics links my face down into the sheets."Smell that, faggot? Can you smell what I did to your ass last time?"I inhaled and immediately recognized the scent that greeted my nostrils. The stench of sex still remained in the spot where my ass had sat while I slept after the first time we had fucked. The aroma of his seed combined with my juices made my under age pthc cock come to life. It continued to inflate as Ben ground my face into the stiff patch on the sheets.Ben's other hand was busy rubbing the back of my ballsac and taint. When my cock was fully erect, he reached his hand forward and pulled it back between my legs, where he jerked it a few times. I moaned into the sheets as pthc quality his rough hand continued to free pthc pics vids work my dick, causing it to start leaking immediately."Still horny as fuck, huh? You want some more of my pthc mom and son cock, slut? Want me to fucking destroy your ass?""Fuck, yes. Please," I elweb pthc bbs rompl groaned.Ben let go of my cock, letting it swing back to smack against my stomach. He went back to rubbing my ass for a second and then stopped, leaving his hand at my hole. Then I felt his finger push through my clenched ass, reaching inside and poking at my prostate."Shit," I gasped, trying to adjust to the sudden entry. He continued to work his finger in my ass, making my ass clench and my dick twitch. When he stuck a second finger into my ass and began to rub them along my wall, I began to squirm, trying to keep myself from being overstimulated."You ready for a real fucking? Huh? I'm gonna split your ass wide open. You're not gonna be walking straight tomorrow."He lifted his hand from my head and I propped myself up onto my elbows so I was squatting on all fours. Ben gave one last rough thrust with his fingers and then pulled them from my ass. I turned my head to the side and watched from the corner of my eye as Ben pedo pthc hardcore children jacked his japan pthc massive prick a few times. He then brought the head of his cock down to my hole and tapped it on my entrance a few times."Think you can handle this cock raw?" he asked, as he pried my ass cheeks apart."You don't have any lube around here?" I asked, slightly worriedly."I want this fuck to incest top free pthc break you. You're gonna remember this," he said.I opened my mouth to reply, but Ben gave a savage push forward. As his cock broke through my ring and sank into my ass, I screamed and tried to sit upright; however, Ben had been expecting this and he used a powerful arm to force my face back down into the sheets as he continued pressing forward. He used a good portion of his strength to keep my face smashed in the mattress, letting it muffle the sounds of shock and pain I was making as he violated me.As his cock continued to slide in, I felt my legs start to shake and my balls start to rumble. When my ass pthc nude photos began to spasm around Ben's cock, I knew that I was cumming."Fuck ya, boy. Shoot that load for me. Let me force it right out of you," Ben said, as his cock bottomed out. His heavy balls were resting against my convulsing ones as they pumped a massive load out of my dick. I felt my load splattering on my chest and neck as my cock twitched and spurted. My scream fell to a moan as my cock continued to shoot; with youth pics pthc every contraction, pain shot from my ass and up my spine as it tried to close around the intruder.Ben gave a series of brutal thrusts that caused me to yelp into the sheet. He pumped in and out of my still-constricted ass, ravaging my prostate and causing my prick to superguide 2005 sven pthc continue throbbing and oozing. I could feel my eyes stinging from the pain as he held my face down with one hand and propped my ass up with the other."Shit! Stop stop stop stop!" I yelled, hoping to have a chance to recover."You're gonna take it till I'm through, faggot!" Ben snarled. "Your ass is mine, remember?""God, stop. I can't take it," I half cried, half screamed.Ben didn't reply, he just buried himself into me and stayed there. My cock was still pulsating, dribbling stuff all over the sheet beneath illegal pthc bbs me. Ben leaned down until his body was on top of mine; his hairy pecs and abs sliding over my back, lubricated by his sweat. He removed the hand from the back of my atilol pthc head as he settled himself onto me and I turned my head to the side. The smell of sex and sweat was hanging heavy in the air and I could feel the hot breath on my ear as Ben lowered his head."I don't give a fuck if you can take my cock or not," he whispered. illegal pthc ptsc "I'm gonna breed your ass so well you'll be mine; you'll only need my cock after I'm through with you. I'm gonna shoot this load so deep it'll never make its way out. I'm gonna be in you forever."Ben pulled his hips forum pedo pthc porn back and made a long, slow stroke into my ass. I groaned as he bottomed out again."Think I can make you shoot another load?" he asked, reaching underneath me and grabbing my cock. "Shit, you're still shooting," he said, as he felt my cock twitch in his hand and spurt some cum onto his fingers.He held onto my prick as he gave another slow thrust into my hole. My cock throbbed again and Ben milked the cum out. He did this for a minute more, thrusting slow and deep while squeezing my cock, draining me completely. By the time my orgasm had subsided, I was weak and disoriented. I'd never felt so fully emptied and yet so filled at the same time."Ya, now you can get a nice fresh sac of spunk ready for me," Ben said, as he released my cock from his grip. "I got one ready for you, can you feel it? Can you feel my nuts hanging down by yours? They're fucking loaded, ready to shoot a nice batch up your ass. You want it?""Yes, fuck. Fuck me, breed me. Fuck," I moaned, deliriously."You gotta earn it first, lsm pthc bitch," he whispered. "It's gonna cost you your ass, you hear me?""Just fuck me, please," I begged.Ben pulled back his hips, letting his cock kg pthc inga slide out of my ass up to the tip. He then slammed forward until his balls smacked my own and then pulled back out. When his hips slammed down again, he continued to push, using his strength to force my hips down to the bed. He ground his crotch into my ass, digging deeper into my hole. When he pulled out again, he set into a fast rhythm of brutal thrusts.As he reamed my ass with his thick manhood, he gnawed on my neck and shoulders. His hands wrapped themselves around my forearms forum discussion pthc and forced them into the sheets, preventing me from moving. His legs wrapped themselves around my calves and used them to pry my thighs apart, giving himself deeper access. The sweat running down his face fell onto mine, stinging my eyes and soaking the sheets below us.The pain from his fucking made my eyes start to water again. I clenched my teeth and started to moan as the dull ache in my ass occasionally turned to a sharp jolt of pain. My nuts, which were sticking out below my ass, were starting to become tender from the beating they were receiving from Ben's heavy stones. sex pthc free My cock was bent at an odd angle underneath me, pointing down my left thigh. Every time Ben impaled me on his prick, my cock seemed to grow harder and more painful."How's it feel, bitch? How you like having a man use you for what you are, huh? As a little cocksucking whore to dump my load in? My cock getting you hard again? Am I gonna fuck another load out of you? You gonna cum with a man's cock up your ass, like you were made for?""Fuck, fuck, fuck..." was all I managed to say. I repeated it over and over as I was repeatedly filled with his meat. My ass was on fire, every nerve screaming out to stop, but Ben's cock just kept going, tearing my ass wider and wider. My ass was slick now with juices as it tried pthc ped0 to protect itself from the onslaught. I could feel it run down my ass and balls to soak into the sheets below.Through the sensory overload I pthc fisting was experiencing thanks to Ben, I could feel the rumbling in my ballsac begin to build. I couldn't believe that I would be able to cum again so soon, but the feeling was unmistakable. My breathing increased and I began to hiss through my clenched teeth as a second orgasm began to spread through my body.When Ben sensed what was happening, he altered the rhythm of his thrusts to match the waves of my climax. Every pulse that racked through my torrent pthc model body alina pthc was intensified by a forceful and deep thrust in my ass by Ben's cock. My eyes rolled in their sockets as my body burned and tingled from the alternating feelings of pain and pleasure that cascaded through my body."You ready for my load, slut?" Ben howled. "You ready to become mine? I'm gonna drop this load so deep, fuck, you're gonna be mine. I'm gonna own you, your ass is mine."Ben's cock swelled as he roared and lifted himself from my back. The first shot sent a jolt through my body as Ben grabbed my shoulders and pulled me deeper onto him. As his cock expanded again, he pushed himself forward, scooting me a few inches across the bed. He spread my legs farther apart and ground himself as hard as pthc sex free he could into my ass, depositing his seed deep in my bowels. I clamped my ass down on his cock, encouraging every last drop to drain from Ben's tool.Ben kept thrusting long after his climax had ebbed. His swollen member stayed firm in my ass, blocking anything from draining out. When he was satisfied that he was totally empty, he collapsed onto my back and started to catch his breath."I want you to keep that load in there," Ben pthc 8 said between pants. "I'm gonna stay right here to make sure you do. I want you to know that I'm inside you now. You're never gonna get rid of me. I'm a part of you now."I laid there underneath Ben, his cock still lodged completely in my ass, dribbling the last few drops of semen into my bowels. The air was humid and rank with the virile smell of semen and sex. The heat and sweat from Ben's body washed over me tight pthc sex as I lay there, drifting in and out of a heady fog of bliss. As sleep began to overtake me, I smiled at the feeling of total submission that came into my mind. Ben's strong, powerful frame lay atop me as I finally succumbed to unconsciousness. Thanks so much for all of the comments and suggestions! I love reading them. Let me know what you think (good or bad!):
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